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College Communications. Bulletin, 1902-1971, 1902

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The Davidson College Bulletin began publication in 1902. It was issued as a series with one issue being the College Catalog (RG 3/3.2). The number of issues per year varied from 3 to 16. The format of the bulletin varies within each year and from year to year. Some issues were merely postcard announcements while others were magazines or newspapers. Several of the alumni directories were issued as bulletins and for some years the alumni association ballots were numbered as bulletins. Topics for the bulletins included homecoming notices, sports reports for football and basketball teams, summer school catalogs, fundraising campaign reports, artist series brochures and information for prospective students. November 1903 is a souvenir album issue with campus photographs. March 1906 contains Otts Lecture by J. B. Shearer "Modern Mysticism". June-August 1913 is an early viewbook with photographs of the campus. The April 15, 1922 issue describes the ROTC program. The September 1, 1922 issues is the poster of the "Broken Heart" of Davidson and October 1, 1922 issue is a poster with statistics about the beliefs of physics and biology professors. The November 1923 issue contains the speech "Gee! Ain't it Great to be a Boss" by John R. Todd." The April 1925 issues describes the Biblical Department of the college. The November 15, 1926 issue contains Dr. Frazier Hood's speech ' What is Christian Education?" The April 1930 issue addresses "Training for Business at Davidson College," while the June issue covers "Physical Education." The November 1932 issues also addresses Physical Education and Athletics. The December 1933 issue has an article on Woodrow Wilson's years at Davidson. The April 1934 issues is also the first issue of the Alumni Journal. The Alumni Journal continues to be issued as part of the Bulletin Series until 1967. In the in 1970, the Bulletin series includes a newspaper format that will eventually turn into the Davidson Update. The June 1934 issue refers to Music classes being authorized at the college. The February 1937 issue contains information about the summer music camp and a photograph of the students at thecamp. The October 1942 issue is entitled "Sones of Davidson Behind the Guns: Keeping Faith With a Heritage and lists Davidson alumni serving in WWII. The August 1944 issue has an article "Fraternity Status at Davidson in War Time." The January 1946 issue has "Varsity Athletics: A Statement of Policy" and several articles on football coach Bill Storey. The June 1947 issues features the Grey Memorial Library. The March 1948 issue returns to the question of Intercollegiate Athletic Policies. The November 1948 issue is on the George F. Baker Scholarships. The July 1949 issue is on The Sciences at Davidson. June 1950 contains Dean Rusk's commencement address. June 1952 contains Archibald Rutledge's commencement address and August 1952 covers ROTC. May 1954 contains articles and photographs on the golf and tennis team's Southern Conference Championships. The July 1955 issue is on Chemistry at Davidson. The July 1956 issues covers a Biology summer course that involved a tour of western states. The January 1961 issue celebrates Dean Rusk's appointment as Secretary of State and contains photographs of Rusk as a student. The February 1968 issues covers the newly revised curriculum. The July and October 1970 issues are reports from the Trustees There is some misnumbering of bulletin issues. The following issues appear to be missing from the collection: 1903, series 2, no.1; 1904 series 3, no 2; 1905, series4, no 1; 1907, series 6, no 1; 1909 series 8, no 3; 1912, series 11, nos.3, 4, and 6; 1913, series 12, no 8; 1914, series 13, nos. 2-5; 1921, vol. 19, no 2; 1929, vol 28 no 5; 1930 vol 29, no 9 and 12; 1940, vol 39, no 2; 1941, vol 40 no 2 & 4; 1942, vol 41 no 2; 1943, vol 42, no 4; 1944, vol 43, no 2 & 3; 1945, vol. 44, no 1, 3,4,&8; 1946, vol. 45 no 3, 5 &8; 1948, vol. 47, no.7; 1955, vol. 54, no 1; 1962, vol. 61, no. 2; 1966, vol. 65, no. 2; 1967 vol 66, no 1; 1970, vol 69, no 6.


  • Creation: 1902


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The Office of College Relations is charged with advancing a true picture of Davidson College to those outside the college community and serving as a communications link between the college and the world abroad. College Relations is also charged with fostering better communication and sense of community within the college itself. The office accomplishes these goals through a comprehensive plan of media relations and coordination of all of the college publications including the publication of internal newsletters such as the "Campus Chronicle" and external sources such as the Davidson Journal. In 1998, with the renaming of Institutional Advancement as College Relations, the former College Relations became College Communications.


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