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Black Student Coalition (BSC). Records, 1972-

Identifier: RG12-30
Scope and Contents The collection contains a copy of the charter. Also included is a letter to Kappa Alpha fraternity requesting that they not flaunt their "Old South" practice and a newspaper article about the black population at Davidson. There are also numerous flyers and posters inviting people to events sponsored by the group, and minutes (some copied for the organization's webpage). The Newsletters folder contains copies of the newsletter "The Rainbow Revue," as well as an unnamed 1979-1980 newsletter,...
Found in: College Archives

Blanton-Black. Collection, 1830-1929

Identifier: DC102
Scope and Contents The collection consists correspondence, financial documents, notebooks, and printed materials. The correspondence folders include letters written to Mrs. Nancy Blanton, primarily by family members and letters to Samuel Lacy Black. The letters in the Black folder include personal correspondence along with military, financial and work-related papers. There are forms from the Bank of Davidson (checks and receipts) in this folder. The folder of Cadwell, Wharey, Overton and Lowrance letters includes...

Board of Trustees. Administrative Files, 1867-2002

Identifier: RG1-6
Scope and Contents These records contain information on the charter and constitution, including revisions and correspondence. There are also reports from the college physician detailing the health of the student body, records of land leases, the Ansley Park Golf Club, Shearer Hall, the Danville House, scholarship lists, a student response to President Spencer's Advisory Committee Reports and publications. The Golf Club stock certificates are at Mapstand C9.
Found in: College Archives

Board of Trustees. Committee Reports, 1877-

Identifier: RG1-8
Scope and Contents These are trustee committe reports addressing auch issues as the size of the college, the size of the student body, Societas Fratrum, college finances, and John Kuykendall's retirement and scholarships.
Found in: College Archives

Board of Trustees. Correspondence, 1851-1900

Identifier: RG1-5
Scope and Contents These letters cover a wide range of topics. One folder contains general correspondence written between 1890-1900. The other folders include letters concerning the hiring of Paul Barringer as teh college physician, Scholarships, Presbytery Reports, and the Ott Lectureship. Of particular interest is the folder marked William Bingham, which details an incident in which a professor was forced to resign after striking a student.
Found in: College Archives

Board of Trustees. Minutes, 1837-

Identifier: RG1-1
Scope and Contents Minutes of general board meetings record actions taken during meeting and reports from college president, treasurer, faculty and board committees. Executive Committee minutes have been maintained separately and interfiled or bound together with regular minutes. Having an Executive Committee was first proposed in August 1854 and established in 1856.
Found in: College Archives

Board of Trustees. Presidential Search, 1996

Identifier: RG1-4
Scope and Contents The best source of a general overview of the 1996 Presidential Search is the file: Timetable, 1995-97. This file contains information on the overall process of the search and how it was performed. For information on searches prior to the 1996 search, please see the files located in Box 2 entitled Search History - 1983" or "Search History - 1968." A great wealth of information that is summed up in a neat report on previous searches is located in the file: "Nancy Covington Search Memorandum." ...
Found in: College Archives

Board of Trustees. President's Correspondence, 1840-1963

Identifier: RG1-2
Scope and Contents This file consists of correspondence to and from the President (now the Chairman) of the Board of Trustees. The 19th century letters address topics such as presidential searches ( a letter of refusal from Aaron Whitney Leland, professor at Columbia Theological Seminary), Dr. Shearer's resignation, the evils of secret fraternities and the possibility of expanding the curriculum. The letters from 1963 concern the professorial oath (of Christianity) which was to be reaffirmed by members of the...
Found in: College Archives

Board of Trustees. Secretary's Correspondence 1868-1902

Identifier: RG1-7
Scope and Contents This is correspondence sent and received by Reverend J. Rumple, Secretary of the Board of Trustees between 1878-1905. It relates to such matters as college scholarships,real estate sales, and contributions to the college.
Found in: College Archives

Board of Visitors. Records, 1956-

Identifier: RG18
Scope and Contents The files consist of annual meeting information beginning in 1956 and newsletters beginning in 1983. The Trustee Correspondence file contains a letter sent to the Trustees with a proposal to create a board of visitors. The annual meeting folders contain by-laws and membership information. Some folders also include agendas, correspondence and the president's report to the Board of Visitors. Some files also contain information about the Ne Ultra Society which recognizes significant donors to the...
Found in: College Archives

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Arrowood, Robert Sylvanus, 1854-1917. (Class of 1877) 1
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Bean, Eugene Holmes, 1874-1933. (Class of 1897) 1
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Belk, James Thomas Ketchen, 1825-1878. (Class of 1847) 1
Bell Family. 1
Bell, Lewis, 1849-1935. (Class of 1870) 1
Bell, Samuel Henry. (Class of 1870) 1
Bell, Vereen McNeill, 1911-1944. (Class of 1932) 1
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